Learning from a PowerApp created from data part 1 – set up data and create your app

Learning to work with a new tool can be tricky. Sometimes determining where to start is already complicated. In the case of PowerApps Microsoft has provided a range of opportunities to get acquainted with PowerApps in an easy and accessible way. There are a lot of templates available for all kinds of scenarios. In my honest opinion the easiest way is to start with an app based on data generated by PowerApps. That can be an app based on data in Excel, the Common data Service, Dynamics 365 and more. The most commonly used techniques in creating apps with PowerApps are already applied in these apps from the start. In the next couple of blog posts I will take you step by step through all parts of a PowerApp generated from data. I use a SharePoint-list as data source

In this blog Part 1 – Set your data source and generate your app.

Create a SharePoint list in SharePoint Online.

Note: You can work with SharePoint Server data in PowerApps, but that requires the installation of the Azure On-premise data gateway and goes too far for this blog.

By far the easiest way to create a PowerApp from SharePoint data is working with a modern UI SharePoint list. So, that is where we are going to start.

Step 1 – Create a new list on a modern Team site or Communication site

2018-07-29 Create List

Step 2 Add columns from a variety of types to you list

Note: Make sure to add complex columns (Choice, Person, Lookup, Managed Metadata).

2018-07-29 Add columns

Step 3 Add rows of data to your list

Note: PowerApps designer is a so called WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) designer. Without data it is very hard to understand the working of the app.

2018-07-29 Add data.png

Step 4 Create a PowerApp based on your list

There are two ways to do this. Both are described below. Option one is the most straight forward.

Option 1 Create the PowerApp directly from within your SharePoint list

  1. Click in the ribbon above your list on PowerApps
  2. Select Create an app.
    2018-07-29 Create PowerApp from SPO ribon.png
  3. Give your app a name and clink on Create
    2018-07-29 Name your app
  4. PowerApps will start creating your app
    2018-07-29 App creation

Option 2 Create the PowerApp from the PowerApps maker portal

  1. Open PowerApps (through Office 365 App launcher or go to https://web.powerapps.com)
  2. Select Start from data > Make this app
    2018-07-29 Start from data
  3. Click on Phone layout on the SharePoint tile
    2018-07-29 SharePoint tile
  4. On the next screen keep the option Connect directly selected and click on Create
    2018-07-29 Connect directly.png
  5. Select your SharePoint site from the Recent sites list or add the site address to the search box.
    2018-07-29 Select site.png
  6. Select your list from and click on Connect
    2018-07-29 Connect to list.png
  7. PowerApps will start creating your app
    2018-07-29 App creation
  8. Name and save your app:
  9. Click File in the ribbon
  10. Click on Save in the left navigation
  11. Add a name to the text field a the top of the screen
  12. Click on the Save-button in the bottom right corner
    2018-07-29 Save your app.png

Congrats!!! You just created the beginnings of your first PowerApp!

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