Session resources Power Platform World Tour Copenhagen & Power User Days Belgium 2019

Event: Power Platform World Tour
Date: September 11 + 12 2019
Language: English
Resources: Slide decks

Session description

In just 60 min you will learn how to work with entities and relationships in Common Data Service. You will build a mobile Canvas app that allows internal attendees to browse sessions and see their details. You will also build a Model-Driven app for conference administrators to input sessions, venues and speaker information.

Session description

You want to know how to build reusable building blocks for your app?
You are looking for a specific control for your PowerApps Canvas app but what you are looking for is not available or does not meet your needs?
In this interactive session we will take a deep dive into PowerApps components. I will show how you can build your own reusable controls by using and combining the available building blocks in PowerApps.
We will go through the common techniques used in building components combined with a range of examples what you can build and I will guide you step by step through creating a couple of components yourself. 

Event: Power User Days Belgium 2019
Date: September 14 2019
Language: English
Resources: Slide decks

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